nov 2016

Senior Drupal Backend Developer (contract)- London, UK

jan 2014

Senior Drupal Backend Developer (contract)- London, UK and

Developing a distributed network of ecommerce websites with Drupal 7.


oct 2010
~jan 2014

Senior Web Developer - London, UK

Developing corporate websites with Drupal 7 and a bespoke CMS built on JSP. Server maintenance (AWS), bash scripts, Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Git), API for mobile apps.


may 2008
~may 2010

SligoTV Founder - Sligo, Ireland

Managing all activities of SligoTV. Responsible with web development, video production, marketing and sales.


may 2008
~sep 2009

Software Developer - Sligo, Ireland

Software developer at Reitig Consultants


~jan 2014

Freelance Web Developer

Design and implement web solutions using Drupal and WordPress.


nov 2003
~aug 2008

Software developer - Sligo, Ireland

Developed Fastcom's intranet application to help with technical support.


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